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Wood Engravings by Thijs Mauve

Thijs Mauve [1915–1996] was a Dutch artist whose skills included wood engraving. Amongst the surviving blocks (some of which his widow has left to the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) are a suite of ten images that he engraved for use in a book , published in 1949, commemorating the completion of the reconstruction of Rotterdam Harbour after its destruction during World War II. These are striking images and seem to me worth reproducing. Set in Lutetia and printed on Zerkall Ingres, the sheets French-folded, there will be 100 copies.

A Play (or Opera) founded on the ‘Song of Solomon’ by Forrest Reid.

10 years in the planning and two years in the printing, this book is now available. An edition of 100 copies set in the same Koch=Kursiv type bought by the Curwen Press in 1926 and rescued by Ian Mortimer on its closure in 1983 and printed in three colours on Zerkall paper. There are six wood engravings printed form the block by Jane Lydbury. The introduction is by Professor Colin Cruise, amongst the foremost of Reid scholars. The edition is bound by Ludlow Bookbinders using a patterned-paper of a wood engraving by Olive Openshaw from a plate prepared by Paul Kershaw.

24 pages - 8” × 12”
Price £80 + postage

On Collecting Books and Printing them too by Viscount Carlow

This account of Viscount Carlow’s enthusiasm for book collecting and, subsequently, for printing remained unfinished at the time of his death. He died in an air crash towards the end of the Second World War while on official duty. It is of interest not only for its description of founding the Corvinus Press but of his literary friendship with T. E. Lawrence. Carlow was one of the favoured recipients of the ‘Oxford’ text of Seven Pillars of Wisdom as well as his advice regarding book collecting.

110 copies. Magnani Vergata Avorio paper. Centaur set and cast by Stan Lane of Gloucester Typesetting Services. Frontispiece portrait of Viscount Carlow by Eric Kennington. Casebound by Chris Hicks with patterned paper boards by Paul Kershaw. Printed on an Albion press.

£44, Cheques drawn to Miles Wigfield

On Collecting Books and Printing them too