The Reading Room Press


I have a further single section booklet planned: a reprint one of Walter Shewring’s translations and the two blocks that Simon Brett engraved to accompany it in his 1984 Paulinus Press edition. Generally I prefer to publish new material from my press but both poem and engravings have resonated with me since I first saw them, which seems as good a reason as any to re-print them.

I hope to set The Hunting of the Snark in newly cast 24D Koch=Antiqua (from Rainer Gerstenberg); Pete Lawrence has made some preliminary sketches. Unless anyone beats me to it, I believe this will be only the third version to be illustrated with wood engravings.

The L for the Bodleian sonnet seems to be so magnificent that it seems a shame just to put it in the draw and forget about it. There are twelve sonnets by Shakespeare beginning with L so I plan to set a few in various typefaces using this initial in different colours and present them in a loose-leaf folder.