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Ha'nacker Mill ~ Hilaire Belloc, 2024

A Selection of Sonnets ~ William Shakespeare, 2023

The Hunting of the Snark ~ Lewis Carroll, 2022  

Bewick’s Matchem ~ Jenny Uglow and Nigel Tattersfield, 2021 

Count Arnold ~ Walter Shewring, 2019 

Liquor and Literature, Letters to John Lewis ~ Edward Ardizzone, Introduction Alan Powers, 2018 

Rotterdam Wood Engravings ~ Thijs Mauve, 2017

Cricket on the Beach ~ MFW after Robin Blackburn, 2016 

A Play (or Opera) founded on The Song of Solomon ~ Forrest Reid,  Introduction Colin Cruise, 2016 

An Advertiser’s Alphabet ~ A.S.J. Tessimond

 Introduction by Mel Gooding, 2014 

On Collecting Books and Printing Them Too ~ Viscount Carlow, Introduction Paul Nash, 2013 

The Historiated Initials from The Farmer’s Year ~ Introduction by

Simon Brett, 2013 

The Bellman’s Return ~ Miles Wigfield, 2012 

Out of Context ~ T. E. Lawrence, 2012

Night Club Girl ~ A.S.J. Tessimond, 2011 

T.E.Lawrence and Sigfried Sassoon, A Friendship ~ Dennis Silk, 2010 

White Hawthorn ~ Words and music by Robin Walker, 2009 

Playground Football ~ T. E. Lawrence, 2007

Alpha Knot-garden ~ Sussana Blackshaw, 2006

Horoscope for Diane ~ A.S.J. Tessimond, 2005

A Letter to Edmund Gosse ~ Forrest Reid, 2004 

Illustrators, chiefly wood engravers, have included:

Edward Ardizzone, Thomas Bewick, Simon Brett, George Buday, Ian Corfe-Stephens, David Dobson, Eric Kennington, Paul Kershaw, Clare Leighton, Jane Lydbury, Miriam Macgregor, Thijs Mauve, Ceri Richards, and Jim Westergard.  

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