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The Historiated Initials from The Farmer’s Year 

Engraved by Clare Leighton 

with an introduction by Simon Brett

These twelve wood-engraved blocks (35mm square) escaped the drill of Leightons executors (she had stipulated that all her blocks were to be preserved but have holes drilled in them) and are now presented, one per recto page, printed from the wood. The book is introduced in typically erudite manner by Simon Brett. 

Set in Walbaum and printed on Zerkall paper. 5" × 7". 20pp. Bound by Chris Hicks with printed patterned papers designed by the printer. 

110 copies. Magnani Vergata Avorio paper. Centaur set and cast by Stan Lane of Gloucester Typesetting Services. Frontispiece portrait of Viscount Carlow by Eric Kennington. Casebound by Chris Hicks. Printed on an Albion press.

75 copies. Out of print

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