The Reading Room Press

Work in Progress

The Press's long-anticipated edition of The Hunting of the Snark is now well in hand: the majority of the text, set in 24D Koch=Antiqua (cast by Rainer Gerstenberg) has been printed on Zerkall paper. The patterned paper for the binding – see 'Hornfels' in the 'News' section – has been printed by the Senecio Press. This will be only the third edition to be published with wood-engraved illustrations. Ian Corfe-Stephens, joint-winner of this year's Rachel Reckitt Prize, is currently working on the commission. There will be, at the most, 65 copies. I hope to have copies available by the Autumn.

Title page
Wood engraving by Ian Corfe-Stephens for Fit the First ~ The Landing
A sample page